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Understand Product Life Cycles

Found March 2009 at (no date)

  1. Understanding Product Lifecycles
    Business cycle
    : time to react to market issues
    Development cycle: time to develop/deploy IT internally
    Technology cycle: time external technology becomes available, updated, or obsolete
  2. Development cycle usually longer than business cycle; move towards agile methodologies reflects effort to match the two.
  3. Technology cycle usually longer than development cycle; move towards enterprise technical architecture reflects efforts to coordinate.
  4. Four tech cycle patterns can impact development and business cycles:
      - firefly
      - undercooked
      - conveyor belt
      - landfill
  5. Firefly technologies: promising technologies that light up, vanish, then reappear farther away (forever in pre-release). Waiting for firefly technologies may seriously impact both development and business cycles.
  6. Underdone technologies: available now, but not yet ready for prime time (e.g., version 1.0.0). Adoption and deployment may undermine stability of in-house technologies and processes.
  7. Conveyor belt technologies: available and stable, but with too short a lifespan due to market issues or third-party dependencies. Adoption may result in a second transition to other technologies sooner than planned.
  8. Landfill technologies: available, stable, but may not be worth adopting due to TCO, compatibility issues, or insufficient advantages over existing technologies.
    In effect, DOA.
  9. Ask yourself:
      - Is it shipping?
      - Is it stable?
      - Is it going to be around for a long time?
      - Is it better than what I have now or can get soon?