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GranTurismo, "commgitt"

This is the web site for COMGT - a company involved in consulting, development, research, and training.

Spell: cee oh em gee tee [ dot com ]
Pronounce: commgitt [ dot com ]


About the Name: COMGT

A play on the abbreviations COM and GT: communications (COM) and gran turismo - or grand touring - (GT) - and the meaning of those.

   v 1 fml to make (news, opinions, feelings, etc.) known: I don't think the leader of the Opposition communicates his thoughts clearly  2 fml to pass on (a disease, heat, movement, etc.)  3 fml to share or exchange opinions, news, information etc.: Has the Minister of Foreign Affairs communicated with the American President yet?  4 fml (esp. of rooms) to join; connect; be connected: Our bedroom communicates with the bathroom  5 tech to receive COMMUNICATION: The old lady communicated every Sunday
  n 1 [U] the act or action of communicating (COMMUNICATE (1,2,3)): All communication with France was stopped when the enemy gained control of the sea. | Radio and television are important means of communication  2 [U] the exchange of of information, news, ideas, or opinions: Speech and writing are man's most important methods of communication  3 [C] something COMMUNICATEd; message: This communication is secret so no one but you must see it –see also COMMUNICATIONS
  [P] the various ways of traveling, moving goods and people, and sending information, between 2 places or in an area; roads, railways, radio, telephone, television, etc.: Moscow has excellent communications with all parts of the Soviet Union. | London has poor road communications with the surrounding area, but the railway network is excellent
  adj 1 splendid in appearance: There's a grand view of the mountains  2 (of people) important, or (esp.) thinking oneself so: The king's court was full of nobles and grand ladies  3 infml very pleasant; delightful: That was a grand party  4 complete (esp. in the phr. the grand total) 5 (used in certain titles): The grand old man of British politics is old, experienced, important; and probably popular~ly adv –~ness n [U]
Gran Turismo
  Italian origin (1966); GT also grand touring [car]. What are the feelings you get when thinking of a true, original, GT car...? Warm, comfortable, traction, stays on the road, acceleration, high quality and trustworthy, ... Just like COMGT!

Encyclopædia Britannica 2003 [Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary]

Another GT creature:  
Maserati GranTurismo
Maserati GranTurismo
Maserati GranTurismo 2008,

COMGT on the Internet; comgt, com/gt,

Some areas found when searching for comgt on the Internet include:

comgt COMGT the company - This Site! Congratulations - you're already here any don't need to go any further to see the light.
comgt If you're looking for the comgt Linux UMTS/GPRS command-line tool, go to sourceforge project page or Pharscape (project admin) web sites in the .com - domain and a top-level directory named or starting with '/gt' (like this area here... - a commercial subdomain part of Guatemala (gt);,

Domain Name Checklist

Based on

Consideration checkmark Comments
* Memorable checkmark Would say decent name in terms of easy of remembering: short, unique, got a meaning
1. Length checkmark Five characters is good, w/o having to pay lots just for a domain name (try to find and or buy a three-pos name... Four positions can be found but not too many easy-to-use ones around any longer.
2. Pronunciation checkmark Decent though need a little bit teaching / education
3. Spelling checkmark Easy and quick to spell: cee ooh emm gee tee - C O M G T
4. Keyword in name checkmark

No; don't want

5. Unique checkmark Fairly unique even though google searches on comgt - name alone finds lots of other.
6. "-", "_" checkmark No Hyphens or underscores
7. Double-check
checkmark No double-interpretations
8. Numbers checkmark No numbers in name
9. Copyright checkmark checked copyright database (2008-07 again) - no applicable records on COMGT found
10. .com, or ... checkmark Yes
11. Google it checkmark Googled first time in 2003 and a that time, no findings on comgt found - clearly unique
  * typo? checkmark Not considered typo (reviewed 2008-07)
  * branding,
     ranking ?
checkmark Does Google turn up a lot of sites that are much better branded than yours is likely to be? Look at the top results when you put your domain name into Google. SEO Smarty uses the example of “” Put “tour wiki” without quotes into Google, and the top site is Wikipedia. That’s not a site that a business just starting out will be able to beat in the SERPs easily.
  * associations? checkmark No bad associations found (latest check 2008-07)
  * urban dict? No NOT checked: You should also check such things as the Urban Dictionary online, or ask Google to define the word, or even do a search on eBay. SEO Smarty notes that “lex” means Rolex in street slang – an association I personally never would have made.
(Words are my living and my passion; to me, it’s obvious that “lex” is short for “lexicon”!).
12. Plural form,
 close name(s)
No NONE other than considered. Finally, you may want to consider registering both the singular and plural versions of your domain name, just to be on the safe side. You don’t want traffic that is trying to reach you to go somewhere else – especially if that somewhere else is a competitor’s site.