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Network Management, and Much More

Management in itself is such a generic word with lots of different interpretation depending on who you are and what you're doing, or even thinking of for the time being. It needs to be put into some additional context.

For management of businesses or parts of (whole business(es) - board of directors; CEO;..., markets, operations, or people; being a manager of [...]), check out a partner of ours at - J&P Business Management Consulting Group.

And also Network Management can be ambiguous:

  1. In daily talk, in general, overall, by laymen: management of networks with all sorts of aspects considered (element, network, service, ...)
  2. When talking details and specific functions, specific pieces of equipment, by people well familiar with details: the Network Management Layer in the TMN model (see below).

Logical layers as defined in
Telecommunications Management

4. Business Management Layer (BML)
3. Service Management Layer (SML)
2. Network Management Layer (NML)
1. Element Management Layer (EML)
0. Network Elements (NEs; not shown)

TMN Layers  

FCAPS acronym:

Fault Management
Accounting Management
Configuration Management
Performance Management
Security Management


Example of products / families:

  • HP Network Node Manager,
    HP OpenView
  • IBM Tivoli

Example of products / families:

  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU) -
    • Standardization (ITU-T) - (Wikipedia-article)
      Formerly CCITT. Produces global telecommunication standards, and defines tariff and accounting principles. Most widely known standards are those of the X. ...
  • TM Forum, TeleManagement Forum -
    Organization dedicated to operations systems support (OSS) communication management issues.


  1. What features you need and want
  2. How to buy and install
  3. Deployment; installation, configuration, education
  4. Ongoing maintenance - reoccuring costs for licenses, support, upgrades

From MSP Center from AdventNet:

RMM Tools
PSA Tools
Center Plus
Device monitoring
Remote Control
Patch management
SLA management
Desktop management
Asset management
Service Automation
Technician scheduling
Timesheet & invoice creation

(July 2008)


Just a few as example - there are zillions of element/network/service management solutions out there.

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