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Pandora FMS

Open Source Network Management (Monitoring)

General Information

Pandora FMS (Pandora Flexible Monitoring System) is a capable network monitoring solution that is open source and free.

Network map
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Step-by-Step - Using Hypervisor/Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) Software

(See COMGT Virtual for getting started with virtual machines.)

  1. Download a Pandora FMS appliance (ready-to-use virtual machine).
  2. Unpack files
  3. Double-click the .vmx - file (virtual machine configuration file) (e.g. Pandora_FMS_3.2_OpenSource.i686-3.2.0.vmx)
  4. Login using username root, password pandora.
  5. Type ifconfig in the terminal window to learn the IP address of the appliance (look for the eth0 interface and inet addr:) For many home-, small businesses networks this is something like 192.x.x.x.

    Now, in your regular (host) operating system (NOT in the virtual machine, which is a command line interface (CLI) - only interface, not a graphical user interface (GUI) environment):
  6. Use your favorite web browser and type in the IP address from step 5.
  7. Login in using username admin, password pandora.
  8. Now you're ready to use Pandora FMS!


Using Pandora FMS

Setting Up Network Discovery

Before any devices will show up for monitoring, you need to create a network discovery task (process).

  1. Select Manager servers under Administration
  2. Click on Manage recontask
  3. Click on Create to create a new discovery task.
  4. Let the system run for at least a few minutes, to have time to discover some network devices.
  5. Click on View agents under Operations.
  6. Click on Network map to view discovered devices. Click on devices to learn more.

Now you can continue with figuring out all other features of Pandora FMS.

See also

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Updated 2011-02-18