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Browser By/Developer Open Source? Layout Eng. Security,
Speed Use, Recommendation
Chrome Google No, not Chrome* Blink 3 4
General use: Great all-around browser.
Our use: Primary browser for daily use, with strict HTML5 for audio and video, few add-ons. Definitely no Flash. Usually too many windows and tabs open but still handles it well.

*) Chrome itself is not open source but based on Chromium - which is open source.


The 5 operating systems that will become significantly less secure when Chrome cuts off updates to them next year (2015-11-16; Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, and 10.8 Mountain Lion)

Firefox Mozilla Yes, Mozilla Public License Gecko 3 3~4
General use:

Also a great all-around browser.

Our use:

For more advanced use case, convert and download audio and video, (e.g.) Download Helper for getting videos. Open maybe a couple of times a week, when need.

Flash: NO!

More: Wikipedia.
Safari Apple No WebKit 3 3~4
General use:

Ok as all-around browser.

Our use:

Personally prefer Chrome for daily use but typically also have Safari up and running.

Flash: Actually Yes, as there are still sites that require Flash.

Opera Opera Software No Blink ... ...
General use:

Well... Dunno why actually use this...

Our use:

Got it installed but rarely using. Especially as Opera Developer 37.0 (Mar 2016) doesn't render (e.g.) properly - just showing a white page..., not showing graphics/video on

More: Wikipedia.
Brave Brave Software Yes, Mozilla Public License ? 4 5

For speed, "The new Brave browser is tops at speed and privacy by blocking ads and trackers. Adding micropayments and better ads gives users and publishers a better deal."

Pros: Speed! Try it!!

Cons: Under development, rough around the edges


(2016-03-22, Mac OS X):

Brave: 0.8.1
Electron: 0.37.2 -,
libchromiumcontent: 49.0.2623.75 -,
V8: 4.9.385.28 -, JavaScript engine
Node.js: 5.8.0 -
Update channel: dev

Tor Browser Tor Project Yes, GPL Gecko 5 2 For anonymity and privacy. Wikipedia.



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