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Yes, We're Open!
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On Open Source:      
        Open Source Culture   wiki Fully adhere to culture of openess, decentralization, sharing information  
  Open Source Hardware   wiki Use of open source hardware  
  Open Source Software
  wiki Using OSS development tools like GNU Emacs and compilers, etc, Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for execution on LAMP - Linux, Apache (web server), MySQL (database), Perl/PHP/Python programming languages. Uses office applications such as GIMP graphics editing software, Open Office office suite, and lots more.  
  More on Open Source...:   wiki E.g. Open source governmentwiki , Open source journalismwiki,  
On Open ...      
  Open Access (OA)   wiki Directory of Open Access Journals ( wiki
   Open Education    
  Open Identity, OpenID   wiki We're reviewing use of OpenID - OpenID is a decentralized, free and open standard that lets users control the amount of personal information they provide.
  Open Standards   wiki Standards should always be completely open and freely accessible - at no cost! Note that there are different interpretations in the case of open and standards and some institutions may charge money for what they call open standards. Google  

(wiki refer to related article in wikipedia. Google executes a search at Google)

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Software Examples

A few examples of great open source software:

Application What Linux Mac MSWin Comments
Audacity Audio editor Y Y Y A must have for audio enthusiasts, multimedia creators.
  Word processor
Y Y Y As one example of open source office suite. Other examples include LibreOffice.organd These are quite competent, fast-responsive, with good user interface, and even actually (sometimes surprisingly) good compatibility with documents created in Microsoft Office applications.
GIMP Image editing Y Y Y Quite capable alternative to (e.g.) Adobe Photoshop.
VLC Media Player Media player Y Y Y A must have for video enthusiasts, multimedia creators.


Part of special sections: copy
- on copyrights
- as in freedom
- it's about accountability