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telcopwrsys Reliable telecom power - looking for reliable power solutions? Want to go from utilities' 2-to-3-nines to 5-nines, from 99%-99.9% uptime to 99.999% uptime (as is the norm for telecommunications networks)? Telecommunications power >>

Monitoring and Control - (remote) monitoring and control is critical to reach 5-Nines or better.

Do you trust your power source(s)? Well:

Utility, The Grid - Utilities in the industrialized world doesn't provide better than 3-Nines uptime, sometime even 2-Nines are mentioned...

◗ 1965: Northeast Blackout of 1965 - 25 million people, North America
◗ 1999: 90 million people affected for hours in Brazil, South America (src: List of power outages)
◗ 2003: Northeast Blackout of 2003 - 50 million people affected North America
◗ 2003: 2003 Italy blackout - 56 million people in Italy, Europe
◗ 2005: 100 million people for 7 hrs on Java Island, South Pacific, 2005 Java-Bali Blackout
◗ 2005: The Katrina Hurricane in just of many examples of natural disasters in which loss of power became a major issue both during the event and days and even weeks after.
◗ See more at List of power outages (Wikipedia)

More on different types - Power outage, and on our vulnerability in Brittle_Power (about a book).

Article (brief) from Electronic Design, Nov 2008:
Power Grid Presents Great Market Opportunity
"The bad news is that today’s power grid is wasteful, costly, inefficient, and dumb, according to Lux Research. But, according to Lux’s research found in “Alternative Power and Energy Storage State of the Market Q4 2008: Weaving the $65 Billion Power Web,” the good news is that the advent of distributed generation, distributed storage, and distributed intelligence will change power infrastructure into an intelligent and more nimble power web" (2008-11-21)


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