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Power Controllers
Power System Controllers, Site Controllers


We got decades of experience in development and promotion of advanced power system controllers including standardized protocols like HTTP and SNMP.

Some examples of controller families/series from a few DC power system manufacturers:

ACC Advanced Controller Card Power-One
CSU Central Supervision Unit Emerson Energy Systems - frm Ericsson Energy Systems
PCC Prime Controller Card Power-One
PCS Power Controller System Power-One
PSC Power System Controllers Delta (e.g. PSC 3)
Magnetek Telecom Power Systems (TPS) (e.g. PSC1000, PSC2000, PSC168, PSC500),
Power-One fmr Magnetek Power Electronics Group (PEG) (e.g. PSC400, PSC600)
SC System Controller Eaton Powerware; controllers family/generation
SM Supervision Module Emerson Energy Systems - frm Ericsson Energy Systems
SM Supervisory Module Eaton Powerware; controllers family/generation


Cherokee sold to Lineage (Fall '08)
Eaton see Powerware
Eltek Valere  
Magnetek - Magnetek Power Electronics Group (PEG) sold to Power-One (Fall '06)
- Magnetek Power Systems (TPS; AKA (older) Telecom Power Group (TPG)) sold to Myers (Fall '08)
Tyco see Lineage
Valere see Eltek Valere


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Updated 2009-01-11