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Telecommunications Power Solutions
W, kW, MW, ...


Looking for reliable power solutions? Want to go from utilities' 2-to-3-nines to 5-nines, from 99%-99.9% uptime to 99.999% uptime (as is the norm for telecommunications networks)?





"3 Nines" (e.g.)
(correspond to
8.8 hrs/yr

  intro to DC power  




"5 Nines"
(correspond to
5.3 min/yr

This is why your phones
are the last things to die
when there's an
utilities outage.

    Graphic from Introduction to DC Power (PDF) - a white paper by J. Sarkinen.
Note: Graphic above is copyright protected and require permission for reuse.

Utility, The Grid - Utilities in the industrialized world doesn't provide better than 3-Nines uptime, sometime even 2-Nines are mentioned...

◗ 1965: Northeast Blackout of 1965 - 25 million people, North America
◗ 1999: 90 million people affected for hours in Brazil, South America (src: List of power outages)
◗ 2003: Northeast Blackout of 2003 - 50 million people affected North America
◗ 2003: 2003 Italy blackout - 56 million people in Italy, Europe
◗ 2005: 100 million people for 7 hrs on Java Island, South Pacific, 2005 Java-Bali Blackout

List of power outages, Power outage,


Article (brief) from Electronic Design, Nov 2008:
Power Grid Presents Great Market Opportunity
"The bad news is that today’s power grid is wasteful, costly, inefficient, and dumb, according to Lux Research. But, according to Lux’s research found in “Alternative Power and Energy Storage State of the Market Q4 2008: Weaving the $65 Billion Power Web,” the good news is that the advent of distributed generation, distributed storage, and distributed intelligence will change power infrastructure into an intelligent and more nimble power web" (2008-11-21)

AC Power [System] - depending on site complexity and size, the site power solution could include components for conditioning of incoming AC and AC distribution.

DC Power System - the core of any telecommunications power solution, with rectifiers (AC/DC), connection of backup power, DC distribution and power system controller

Distribution - distribution panels with breakers, fuses, terminals

DC Distribution (part of DC Power System) - (Primary) loads using +24VDC or -48VDC - the common voltages for telecommunications systems.

Converters (DC/DC) - For equipment that require a different voltage than the primary voltage (+24VDC or -48VDC): add converter(s) for other voltages.

Inverters (DC/AC) - When you want to use the reliability of the DC power system including backup power also for AC-powered loads (e.g. computers).

UPS (AC/AC) - Uninteruptible Power Supply take AC in and provide AC out. More for traditional data centers and computer systems.

Backup & Storage Solutions - Batteries in different flavors and technologies, fuel cells, alternative energy sources, ... to provide backup power for hours of operations during utilities outage.

Security, Access System - Solutions for secure access to premises.

Fire Detection & Suppression System - Detection of fire and suppression systems like sprinklers.

Monitoring and Control - Overall, (remote) monitoring and control is critical to reach 5-Nines or better.



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Generation > Transportation > Distribution > Consumption / Use

Transformation: Voltage levels, number of phases, AC - DC, ...

◗ Dependability ◗ Redundancy ◗ Reliability ◗ Security

Electrical Terminology: ◗ Voltage ◗ Current ◗ Impedance ◗ Power - Real Power (W), Apparent Power (VA), Reactive Power (VAR)

wiki power triangle

Power Factor (value between 0 and 1) = P / S, where
   P is Real Power - in Watts (W) - and
   S is Apparent Power - in volt-amperes (VA)

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Utility, The Grid AC Power Security, Access System Fire Detection & Suppression System Climate System - cooling, heating DC Power System Backup & Storage Solutions DC Loads Converter - Other DC Loads Inverter - AC Loads UPS - AC Loads Monitoring and Control