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From reserving your own domain - place on the Internet, to design and implementation of web site, to ongoing maintenance (e.g yearly renewals, changes on web pages as information changes).


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Why Your Own Domain Name and Web Site (up)

In short - everyone being serious about running a business need web presence! A place you can tell your existing and potential customers to visit to learn more about your products and services.

In todays market, people often start looking for information on the Internet and doing research before deciding who to contact. They find information - mostly likely like you do yourself, btw - using search engines, via ads found on web sites, but also when knowing of your name, tries to find it on the Net.

And, when not found, in many cases people tend to continue their search and eventually selects someone that has a web site. It's a confidence and maturity thing. Even the smallest business benefits from an own, unique, web site.

Note: this doesn't need to be fancy at all. Simply start with one page with short information about your services and contact info. (Like the data sheet, flyer, you have anyway.)



Step-by-Step to Get There (up)

Common steps include:

  1. Get your own Domain Name (e.g.
    1. We'll have a phone - or in-person - discussion figuring out a good name, and make sure it is available.
    2. We reserve the name (requires your credit card info - name, #, etc to reserve in your name; otherwise we do it with our credit card and invoice you later).
    3. You will get an email when process is finished and the name is reserved.
  2. Get Hosting Service - place to put web page(s) (, email handling (name(s), and other services (ftp - file transfers, chat, contact- and other forms, shopping cart - e-business, ...)
    1. Together we decide on the appropriate hosting service. This can range from just a few dollars per month up to thousands and more. Vary depending on web site size, traffic, uptime guarantees, and available features.
  3. Set up email account(s).
    1. Set up account(s) or forwards (aliases) on form name(s)
    2. For accounts: communicate required login-information (username, password, POP, SMTP, IMAP server details) to you. (For aliases/forwards, you will get emails to the email address(es) you provide to us, no specific configuration is required.)
    3. Assistance in configuring your email software.
  4. Creation of web site.
    1. Development of layout, navigation, pages, ... From a basic site with one or a few pages to more elaborate with many pages, advanced navigation (e.g. drop-down menus), contact- and other forms, shopping carts, chat-communication, ...
    2. Publishing (uploading) onto the Internet - make available for everyone.
    3. Submitting to web search machines (e.g. Google) to get it recognized and found when people look for you and your business.
  5. On-going maintenance and support.
    1. Updates, changes on web pages (new address, phone numbers).
    2. Adding/removing/other changes of email accounts/forwards.
  6. Annual Renewals
    1. Domain Name (common renewal period is annually but can be longer - every second year, ...)
    2. Hosting Service (can also be monthly).





Things to Consider (up)

Things to think of when getting:

Domain Name:

Memorable, Length (shorter is better), Pronunciation (easy to pronounce), Spelling (easy to spell, avoid conflicting potential spellings), Keyword in name (two schools: yes and no), Unique (stand out), Underscores ("_") and "hyphens" / minus-signs ("-"), Double-check interpretation, Numbers, Copyright infringements, .com or other top domain, and more.

Coming up with a good domain name can be tricky but we'll sort it out together - your wishes and needs for your business together with our knowledge of the Internet and web presence.

Hosting Service: Monthly, or annual charges, is only one aspect to consider. Other aspects include allowed traffic (how much data is allowed w/o additional charges), available extras like support for databases and different programming languages, how many email accounts that are included, ...



Starter Packages (up)

Examples, to refer to when considering your needs and what level of help you would be interested in.

Small Business Starter Package 1

  1. Domain Name (Step-by-Step #1 above).
  2. Hosting Service (Step-by-Step #2 above).
  3. Set up up to five email accounts or forwards (Step-by-Step #3 above).
  4. Creation of a one-page web site with text, one logo, and one photo (Step-by-Step #4 above).
  5. No Maintenance and Support.
  6. Annual Renewals: we''ll remind you each year when renewals are due.

Small Business Starter Package 2

As above plus

  1. As above but up to 5 web pages and basic navigation - links between pages.

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