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Who's Using What?

Netcraft also has an interesting service - to find out what OS, web server, a specific domain is using. 'What's that site running?'

As example,

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Embedded, Lightweight

Server1 License Maintained
(latest release)
Environment More
Boa GPL - watch out No (2005-02-23) (don't care)  
Cherokee GPL - watch out Yes? (2011-01-19) (don't care)  
Hiawatha GPL - watch out Yes (2011-11-09) (don't care)  
lighttpd Revised BSD - Good Yes (2011-07-03) *NIX, C below
mongoose2 MIT Yes *NIX~, C below
NanoHTTPD2 Modified BSD - Good Yes (2011-08-04) Java below
nginx BSD - Good Yes (2011-09-05) *NIX, C below
thttpd BSD - Good No (2003-12-29) *NIX, C below
Tntnet LGPL - Good Yes (2011-10-03) *NIX, C++ below

1 Wikipedia article (but only added URLs for servers we're interested in - more suitable licenses)
2 No Wikipedia article found (2011-11-11)




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