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(2010-06-04 - News)


This page is intended as an overview and introduction to sources of statistical information available on the Internet.

Included graphics are not provided to reflect current statistics but to give examples of how information is presented by different providers.



w3counter - one page summarizing Browsers, Operating Systems, Countries, and Screen Resolutions. Example (from June 2009, not showing Countries):

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IE7 30%

IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) (released March 19, 2009 - about three months after statistics was compiled) still has a very low market share. An indication on how slow people are on upgrading from IE6 and IE7.


IE6 24%
FF3 19%
FF2 10%
IE8 2%
Operating Systems:
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Win XP 69%  
Win Vista 16%
Mac OS X 5.5%
Linux 2.1%
Win 2000 1.7%
Screen Resolutions:
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1024x768 38%

At least 87% has 1024x768 or larger (among the top 8 only 800x600 is smaller).

Resolution Aspect Ratio Wide Pixels Comments
1024x768 1.33 (4:3) no 786,432 XGA; 15-19" monitors
1280x800 1.6 (16:10) Yes 1024,000 WXGA; 15-19" monitors
1440x900 1.6 (16:10) Yes 1,296,000 WSXGA; 15" laptops (e.g. Mac)
1280x1024 1.25 (5:4) no 1,310,720 SXGA; 17"-19" monitors
1680x1050 1.6 (16:10) Yes 1,764,000 WSXGA+; 20"-22" monitors
1920x1200 1.6 (16:10) Yes 2,304,000 WUXGA; 23-24" monitors
1280x800 17.8%
1280x1024 14.3%
1440x900 7.1%
800x600 5%
1680x1050 4.9%
1152x864 3.1%
1920x1200 1.6%



w3schools - Browser Statistics, also OS Platform Statistics and Browser Display Statistics


FF (Firefox) continue to gain market share from Microsoft IE browsers.



Same finding as above (from w3counter) - that 1024x768 and larger is what users have.

According to the data to the right, 93% (57% + 36%) has monitors with at least 1024x768 pixels resolution.


Color depth is at large no concern any longer (in general).

Though specific devices may have its own limitations and more colors adds size to graphics and photos.





GlobalStats StatCounter

GlobalStats StatCounter - (flash-based) trends for browsers, operating systems, ... including mobile platforms. Can also select different geographical regions.




Internet World Stats (section added 2010-06-04)



Netcraft (section added 2010-04-13)





StatOwl (section added 2010-04-13)








Adobe Flash

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