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Security is a broad term and one way of dividing this is into the following five areas:

1.  Personnel Security,
Personal Security
Google - Life, health, etc; not a COMGT-area
2. Physical Security Google Wikipedia - Access to facilities, with fences, doors, locks, etc
3. Information Security Google Wikipedia - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (C.I.A.)
4. Operational Security Google - Day-to-day considerations, intellectual property, reputation, etc
5. Contingency Planning /
Disaster Recovery
Google Wikipedia - What-If scenarios; to ensure you / your company survives unplanned events
   (from basic accidents, burglary, to natural disasters)


Researchers find 12 zero day flaws, targeting 5 web malware exploitation kits | ZDNet


Disaster Preparedness - Personal

Make a Disaster Preparedness Kit
(from AAA, Apr 2010)
You know that you should keep a bag with water, food, and first aid items in case you are evacuated. But have you thought about the personal documents you might need? Get an easy-to-carry fireproof, waterproof container, and put the following inside:

To learn more about insurance through AAA, call 1-866-552-2287 or visit your local branch.

FEMA - Are You Ready?

Include a great document (204 pgs, version per 2011-03-26) with lots of tips, links to more information, and checklists.


Updated 2011-03-26